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About ECC (A Story of Success)
From the outset, it is clear that John Eady, past president of Eady Construction Co. Inc., is where the Story of Success began. He was not one to brag about his success in the building field, but could talk easily about one of his other success stories – his 51-year marriage to his wife, Daisy. He would proudly display a letter from President Bill Clinton congratulating the couple on the occasion of their 51st anniversary. Mrs. Eady would stand near the wall lined with plaques and other awards noting various achievements, which provided insight into her husband and herself. “We believe our lives speak for themselves," she would say.

John Eady started in the construction business in 1953 doing trim work for other contractors. He would also hold down a full-time railroad job for more than 15 years before becoming a general contractor in 1975. His first major job as a general contractor on his own was the Allen Apartments which begun in 1975. “I always believed that the Good Lord will help you to do what you want," he would say. When he built Allen Apartments, a lot of people thought he was going in the wrong direction and that he would never be able to rent it. They didn't encourage him. They said you’re he was making a bad mistake, but he went ahead and tried it. He said. “Thanks to the Lord, it worked out.” There are now 98 units with a 52-units plan.

The key to his achievements, Eady said, was saving. “I usually tell young people that when my wife and I were working on a job and made $42 a week, we saved $25. I have always said that and it is not what you make, it’s what you save.”

Mr. John Eady was a great man and a visionary. He knew that quality work and customer satisfaction will gain more customers. His efforts can be seen around Savannah through the numerous homes, governmental projects, churches, and commercial buildings that he constructed. He helped many people along the way never forgetting where he came from. His offspring are committed to the vision that their father so diligently instilled in them throughout their lives.

Juan Eady, President
Roosevelt Eady, Vice President
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A Legacy Continues
The Eady Legacy continues to live through his children, whom he taught well. He instilled in them not only his trade, but the importance of honesty and strong work ethics. John Eady left a legacy for his sons, Juan and Roosevelt who have readily assumed the duties of running the family business and taken the knowledge passed on to another level - fine tuning and polishing it up.

Today the Allen Apartments are at maximum capacity, and the management is directed by Juan and Roosevelt. JECC is committed to the safety and well-being of all tenants. New Homes have been built and sold with the same quality of construction that their father so adamantly instilled in them. Renovations, room additions, and general home improvements are all part of the work that is being performed. The main goal of the company is to develop smaller subdivisions such as the Lamarville area. The idea of revitalizing other areas in the city of Savannah is a larger part of the company's future direction.